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Banquet Facility

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In addition to the main restaurant, Starr Hill has two spaces available for private functions, and can accommodate up to 450 people.

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The gallery space can accommodate up to 100 people for cocktail events, and up to 60 people for sit-down dinner. Its atmosphere is slightly more elegant that the main dinning room, with white tablecloths, flickering candlelight, and fresh flowers. Also featuring a small private bar, this is an extremely flexible space, popular for events from office gathering to rehearsal dinners.

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The Music Hall space can accommodate up to 450 people, depending on the type event. For a dance party with no food the capacity is 450 people, for a reception with passed hors d’oeuvres the capacity is 375 people, a reception with food stations the capacity is 275 people and for a sit-down dinner the capacity is 120 people. With a large raised stage and a full bar, as well as a stat-of-the-art P.A. system run by our professional sound engineers, it is a fun and versatile space in which to plan your event. It is a space in which to host everything from large birthday gathering to fundraisers to post-rehearsal dinner parties-with or without live music or DJ.

Starr Hill Restaurant will be the sole caterer for the event. A deposit is required to hold the room, and staffing needs are the sole discretion of the establishment. For rental rates or more information about either space, please contact Starr Hill Event Coordinator, Misty Cauble by phone at 434-977-0017, or by email at misty@starrhill.com.

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