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The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band are the greatest front-porch blues band in the world. They are led by Reverend Peyton, who most consider to be the premier finger picker playing today. He has earned a reputation as both a singularly compelling performer and a persuasive evangelist for the rootsy, country blues styles that captured his imagination early in life and inspired him and his band to make pilgrimages to Clarksdale, Mississippi to study under such blues masters as T-Model Ford, Robert Belfour and David “Honeyboy” Edwards. The band has built through their legendary live shows. Playing as many as 300 shows each year, the band has one of the most dedicated followings out there. This following is sure to eat up the band's latest offering, Dance Songs For Hard Times, a country blues record that was made the right way — two feet on the ground and both hands getting dirty.

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Dance Songs For Hard Times [LP]
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In the midst of the thick New Orleans summer of 2017, Chris Lyons of garage punks Bottomfeeders found himself sitting on a small batch of songs that didn’t quite fit the fuzzed-out pileups of that band. The new songs were more chiming, driving but relaxed, full of little corners begging to be filled with classic pop harmonies and wayward country licks. He called in his trusted confidants: Bottomfeeders drummer and longtime musical partner Lucas Bogner—the two started playing music together at the tender age of 15—plus bassist Pete Campanelli, and Kunal Prakash (Jeff the Brotherhood) dug the songs and signed on, and the quartet started playing in earnest, hunkering down in the practice space.

By the time the band played its first gig in late 2018 at the opening of Nola’s ManRay Records, the songs had multiplied and the members of the newly christened Silver Synthetic had become genuine rock & roll craftsmen. In a world that doesn’t seem capable of swaying, Silver Synthetic’s self-titled debut shakes and boogies.

It makes sense that the band’s first gig was in a record shop ‘cause folks, this is record nerd-core in a major way, evocative of the LP's first golden era, as the late sixties oozed into the strange 1970s, with the requisite T-Rex stomps, Britfolk twists and turns, and dueling Verlaine/Lloyd guitars. It’s about warmth, and you can practically smell the gently glowing amp tubes on “In the Beginning,” which wafts along on a gust borrowed from Lou Reed’s beatific Coney Island Baby breeziness. With “Chasm Killer,” the boys lean into jammy heartland rock, almost approaching Silver Bullet Band territory at one point! Even when the band kicks into charging lean rock-n-roller, like on the Kinksy “Around the Bend,” there’s a laid-backness that allows more room for the spirit.

You could call Silver Synthetic rock & roll formalists, but the truth is they're more like minimalists, stripping away tired clutter and unnecessary bloat and just zooming in on the essential.

Silver Synthetic - Silver Synthetic [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Sunrise Swirl LP]
$21.97 Video
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The fifth album from Oklahoma-bred singer/songwriter Parker Millsap, Be Here Instead emerged from a wild alchemy of instinct, ingenuity, and joyfully determined rule-breaking. In a departure from the guitar-and-notebook-based approach to songwriting that shaped his earlier work, the Nashville-based artist followed his curiosity to countless other modes of expression, experimenting with everything from piano to effects pedals to old-school drum machines (a fascination partly inspired by the early-’70s innovations of Sly Stone and J.J. Cale). As those explorations deepened and broadened his musical vision, Millsap soon arrived at a body of work touched with both unbridled imagination and lucid insight into the search for presence in a chaotic world.

Parker Millsap - Be Here Instead [LP]
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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Passion, romance... Peter Murphy? Indeed, that's what fans found on the 1988 LP that started winning Murphy more and more fans in America. You'll find many of his finest songs and vocal performances on "Love Hysteria," which returns here on lovely indigo vinyl: "All Night Long," "Indigo Eyes," "Dragnet Drag," "Blind Sublime," his cover of Iggy Pop's "Funtime" and more! Beggars Banquet.
Peter Murphy - Love Hysteria [Colored Vinyl]
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Vinyl LP pressing. The sixth studio album by these multi-platinum-selling California punk stars came out in 2000, debuting at #9 and selling 125,000 copies in it's first week alone (it later went double platinum). Brendan O'Brien produced this bracing blend of punk, grunge, metal and rap: "Original Prankster," "Want You Bad," "Million Miles Away," "Come Out Swinging," "Living in Chaos" and more. This 20th-anniversary vinyl reissue adds an extra song to the original album: "Huck It," previously only heard on the 2000 video album (DVD/VHS) of the same name! Round Hill.
The Offspring - Conspiracy Of One [LP]
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After releasing their outstanding 17th album 'Abolition of The Royal Familia' earlier this year, The Orb are back with further guest appearances on their remix album 'Abolition Of The Royal Familia - Guillotine Mixes' (April 2021). Including mixes from David Harrow, Moody Boyz, Youth, Violeta Vicci, Andy Falconer and more.

The Orb - Abolition Of The Royal Familia - Guillotine Mixes [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Double Blue LP]
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Limited orange colored vinyl LP pressing. Missunderstood is the singer/songwriter's debut album and is a front row seat sonically through Queen's journey of self-discovery as she navigates the emotions that come with mending a broken heart, new love, becoming a mother again and more. The 18-track album features guest appearances by Lil Durk, Mulatto, Kiana Lede, Russ, & Toosii. Missunderstood debuted on Billboard's Top R&B Albums chart at #1 and debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200.
Queen Naija - Missunderstood [Limited Edition Orange LP]
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Star Trek: Discovery: Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack) - JEFF RUSSO - Jeff Russo's Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 soundtrack is coming to vinyl. Fans have been dying to get their hands on Jeff Russo's Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 score from the beginning. LAKESHORE RECORDS
Jeff Russo - Star Trek: Discovery: Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack) [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition 2LP]
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New 3 track EP from Show Me The Body. The band recently recorded these songs in their rehearsal space in Long Island City, NY, with two bold and genre bending collaborators, Patrick Berger and Arthur Rizk. These are some of the most potent songs the band has written, and they've really identified their sound with the strength of these recordings. The guys are classic hard core with modern vision. Limited Edition. 10" black vinyl EP.

Show Me the Body - Survive EP [10in Vinyl]
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The Album is the third studio album by Teyana Taylor, the follow up to her K.T.S.E. album. She will be featured in the movie Coming 2 America. 2 LP.
Teyana Taylor - The Album [2 LP]
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Nick Waterhouse

Promenade Blue [LP]

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Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Includes digital download. F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby was a work so filled with ambition, yearning, and inner contradictions that it came to represent the condition of a nation itself. Yet, at it's core, the slim novel tells a story about people and, more often than not, their inability to communicate and connect with one another ' forever running on parallel tracks until tragedy finally twines them together. The color green (often in the form of the faded sodium lit dock of Daisy Buchanan) comes to represent longing and unrequited love in an era (the Roaring Twenties) of decadence and spiritual vacuousness. Green is Gatsby's North Star, simultaneously pointing backward and forward through time toward some unattainable, impossibly balanced version of his own life. Nick Waterhouse, a century later but once again in the '20s, takes the color blue as his hue of choice on Promenade Blue. In Nick's musical and lyrical
Nick Waterhouse - Promenade Blue [LP]
$20.97 ON SALE
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A loving tribute to Wilco from the November 2019 issue of Uncut magazine, this collection comprises 19 Wilco covers recorded by notable artists such as Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile, Sharon Van Etten, Low, Cate Le Bon and Parquet Courts, including one previously released version of “Jesus, Etc.” by Norah Jones’ band Puss N Boots and one recently unearthed (but never released) cover of “Casino Queen” by Billy F Gibbons of ZZ Top fame. There is not a weak moment on this album and many outstanding ones. Sure to appeal to the rabid Wilco fan base, the CD which accompanied the magazine sold out quickly and is no longer available. The album also sold out on Record Store Day in September and is now being reissued in red vinyl.

Various Artists - Wilcovered [Red 2LP]
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Limited double orange/gold and grey/blue colored vinyl LP pressing. The Director's Cut of Pulp is an extended version of the project. She has described it as sonically being what she envisions her movies would look like.
Ambre - Pulp (Director's Cut) (Blue) [Colored Vinyl] (Gry) (Org)
$12.48 ON SALE
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Laurie Anderson’s 1982 debut album,Big Science, will return to vinyl for the first time in thirty years with a new red vinyl edition due April 9 on Nonesuch Records. The vinyl includes the re-mastered original album first released on CD for the 25th anniversary of Big Scienceon Nonesuch in 2007.

In the early 1980s, Laurie Anderson was already respected as a conceptual artist and composer, adept at employing gear both high-tech and homemade in her often violin-based pieces, and she was a familiar figure in the cross-pollinating, Lower Manhattan music-visual art-performance circles from which Philip Glass and David Byrne also emerged.
While working on her now-legendary seven-hour performance art/theater piece United States, Part I–IV, which premiered over two nights at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) in 1983, she cut the spare “O Superman (For Massenet)," an electronic-age update of nineteenth century French operatic composer Jules Massenet’s aria “O Souverain,” for the tiny New York City indie label 110 Records. In the UK, DJ John Peel picked up a copy of this very limited-edition 33⅓ RPM 7” and spun the eight-minute-plus track on BBC Radio 1. The exposure resulted in an unlikely number two hit, lots of attention in the American press, and a worldwide deal with Warner Bros. Records.
Laurie Anderson - Big Science [LP]
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Vinyl LP pressing. In the 1950s, when Astor Piazzolla went to Paris to study classical composition, the tango of his native Argentina was not considered fit for the concert stages of Europe; these were the sultry sounds of the street; the music of the demimonde. Luckily, the formidable composition teacher Nadia Boulanger encouraged her Argentinian pupil to draw precisely on those roots. Piazzolla at last found his true voice as a composer and bandoneon virtuoso. Today, he is considered the father of tango as we know it today, blending rhythmic vitality with orchestral textures. This LP compilation confirms that the founder of Tango Nuevo left as his legacy a unique style of music that sounds just as fresh and vibrant today.
Martha Argerich  / Capucon,Gautier - Astor Piazzolla: Libertango
$21.22 ON SALE
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The B-52's

The B-52's [LP]

Vinyl: $21.98 Buy

MP3 Album: $8.99 Download

The debut album from The B-52’s. Contains the singles Rock Lobster, Planet Claire, and Dance This Mess Around.
The B-52's - The B-52's [LP]
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Released in 1985, Back To The Future has been a staple for fans of classic 80s movies. Travel back in time with the iconic soundtrack with songs like "Earth Angel," "Johnny B. Goode," and Huey Lewis & The News' "The Power Of Love." Now available on standard black vinyl.

Various Artists - Back to the Future (Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack) [LP]
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Between The Buried And Me

Coma Ecliptic [LP]

Vinyl: $38.97 UNAVAILABLE

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

Double vinyl LP pressing. Coma Ecliptic is the seventh studio album by progressive metal band Between the Buried and Me, originally released on July 10, 2015. Similar to previous releases by the band, Coma Ecliptic is a concept album.
Between The Buried And Me - Coma Ecliptic [LP]
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Double vinyl LP pressing. The Parallax II: Future Sequence is the sixth studio album by progressive metal band Between the Buried and Me, originally released on October 9, 2012. The album's concept is the continuation of the band's 2011 EP The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues. Paul Waggoner and Dustie Waring (guitars) described it as being their favorite release up to now, being mature, dynamic, and with various metal influences from 1970's progressive rock, to jazz and fusion.
Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence [LP]
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Mute are delighted to announce the release of Dekadrone, the first of two drone albums by Cabaret Voltaire to be released in 2021 - out March 26.

Cabaret Voltaire - Dekadrone [Limited Edition White LP]
$26.97 ON SALE
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Mike Dillon

Shoot The Moon [LP]

Vinyl: $19.97 Buy

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

Mike Dillon has spent the last three decades performing well over 200 shows a year with both his own band, as well as playing vibraphone and percussion with artists like Rickie Lee Jones, Les Claypool and Ani DiFranco. So when the pandemic hit in early 2020 forcing Dillon off the road, he instinctively directed his perpetually restless creative energy to writing and recording. Recently relocating to Kansas City after spending 15 years in New Orleans, Dillon and producer Chad Meise would track a trilogy of albums: Shoot The Moon, Suitcase Man and 1918.
The first of the three records, Shoot The Moon, is a ten track collection which Dillon describes as Punkadelic- Funk-Psych, focused heavily on the current political climate in the United States. Assembling an assortment of stylistically uncompromising musicians to contribute, its line-up features Matt Chamberlain, Steven Bernstein, Nicholas Payton, Robbie Seahag Mangano, Jean-Paul Gaster and Nick Bockrath among others. Highlights include the apocalyptic road warrior anthem Drivin Down The Road, a swirling New Orleans jazz-raga Further Adventures in Misadventures and the snarling punk rock diatribe Quool Aid Man with its indictment of white supremacy: old men and their guns.
A native of San Antonio, Texas, Mike Dillon got his start as a sideman, playing in such varied projects as MC 900 Foot Jesus, Brave Combo and Secret Chiefs 3. He's also served as an integral member of bands like Critters Buggin, Garage A Trois, Dead Kenny Gs and Nolatet, while leading Billy Goat, Hairy Apes BMX and Malachy Papers. Under his own name, he's amassed an extensive catalog of genre-defying recordings. Touring relentlessly, he’s built one of the most loyal fanbases on the underground music scene, while being invited to share bills with bands including Clutch, Umphrey's McGee and Dean Ween Group.

Mike Dillon - Shoot The Moon [LP]
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Seventh Tree [Limited Edition Yellow LP]

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MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

Mute / BMG announce the next in the Goldfrapp vinyl reissue series, Seventh Tree, out on 5 March 2021. Released on special edition colour vinyl, including the singles ‘A&E', 'Happiness', 'Caravan Girl' & 'Clowns'. Originally released on 22nd February 2008, Seventh Tree will be available on yellow vinyl with an exclusive art print of the original artwork – designed by Mat Maitland. The album reached #2 on the UK Charts, amassing 46,000 in its first week.

Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree [Limited Edition Yellow LP]
$25.47 ON SALE
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Hey, King!

Hey, King! [LP]

ON SALE $21.97 Vinyl: $10.98 Buy

There’s a sense of wonder that permeates throughout every song indie rock band Hey, King! has written. Canadian songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Natalie London and her partner, Tucson, AZ vocalist and percussionist Taylor Plecity, approach music with a childlike curiosity and adventurous spirit—fitting for a band whose name comes from a Where the Wild Things Are line. Their 2020 debut EP ‘Be Still’ was raved by Under the Radar Mag as “heartfelt indie rock” with songs that showcased “London and Plecity’s ability to turn tragedy into an exuberant celebration of life and love.” But now, the band finally follows it all up with their highly-anticipated self-titled debut LP.

Produced by 4x Grammy winner Ben Harper, Hey, King! is a dazzling 11-track collection that matches the overwhelming emotional intensity of the band’s live show, a concert experience that Vancouver Weekly called “a powerhouse” and “quite possibly the music world’s best kept secret.” In fact, many of the songs were directly informed by the 2018 North American tour where Hey, King! opened for Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. Many of the band’s rawest early songs dealt with London’s years-long, near-death battle with Lyme disease and her recovery. London explains: “With all the uncertainties, insecurities, and worries, you just say ‘I don’t know where I’ll be or where I’m going but I do know it’s going to be beautiful.’ “ This is the ethos of Hey, King! and hearing these songs will give you that same optimism, even when things are dark. 

Hey, King! - Hey, King! [LP]
$10.98 ON SALE
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Recorded between the summer of 2019 and early 2020 in LA with acclaimed producer John Congleton, Sunflower is “definitely a milestone,” Maroney admits. “I’d be lying to say I didn’t feel a little bit of that. And why not let yourself enjoy it?” It’s also a gut-punch of fuzzy power chords (“Sinkin”) and genteel acoustics (“Cinnamon”); deftly-composed pop songs (“Freeway”) and hard-charging rockers (“Rollercoaster”). “I put all of myself into it,” Maroney adds of the 10-track LP. In retrospect, he adds, “I definitely have this sense of calmness now. I did what I was capable of doing and I’m just glad I was around my friends and my people to help me get to this point.” 

Briston Maroney - Sunflower [Translucent Blue-Green LP]
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There are only a handful of living musicians who can continually reinvent themselves year after year, and even fewer still who can claim to have maintained equal degrees of innovation and excellence across a career spanning decades.

Pat Metheny is one of the few artists in the world who can lay claim to such a description. On his latest album, Road To The Sun, Pat Metheny surprises us once again with his seemingly endless ability to harvest new vistas while retaining the instantly recognizable Metheny sound.

With two major new works, performed by five of the world ́s leading guitarists, Metheny charts a new way of obliterating boundaries between genres while simultaneously unveiling new facets of an already expansive personal language.

Grammy-winner Jason Vieaux, described by NPR as “perhaps the most precise and soulful classical guitarist of his generation” was tapped by Metheny to perform his four-movement solo guitar suite Four Paths Of Light.

The centerpiece of this landmark recording is Road To The Sun, a six-movement piece for fellow Grammy-award winning Los Angeles Guitar Quartet LAGQ – Metheny describes them as “one of the best bands in the world”.

In the end, Road To The Sun is nothing if not another truly great Pat Metheny record. It will rank alongside Secret Story, Bright Size Life, 80/81,One Quiet Night, Still Life (talking), Song X, and all the rest as being yet another unexpected and almost willfully inscrutable plot twist, inevitable to a genre with only one common element: Metheny himself.

Pat Metheny - Road to the Sun [2LP]

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