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The great state of Kentucky is world renowned for many things. Bluegrass music? Of course. The smoothest, best-tasting Bourbon created by the hands of man? It doesn't get any better. One thing that folks don't always associate with Kentucky however is visceral, in-your-face rock and roll. The Cold Stares are determined to change that perception.

Chris Tapp and Brian Mullins have known one another for a long, long time. They grew up in Western Kentucky, just a stone's throw from the border or Indiana, and attended different High School mere minutes down the road from one another. They originally started playing together in their early twenties before going their separate ways only to reunite in another outfit a decade down the line. "We were playing together in 2009 in another band that was doing really well," Tapp said. "It didn't work out, so we both kind of exited that band and contemplated retirement." It didn't take long before they were thankfully disabused of that notion.

That band is an intense amalgam of Led Zeppelin meets Free, Soundgarden meets Black Crowes; rock and roll wizardry where the riffs are hard, the vocals are searing, and the low end is capital "H," heavy. Most of the album was recorded in a single day at Sam Phillips fabled recording studio in Memphis. "That's our second record there, so there was a lot of familiarity going back in," Mullins said. "The thing about that studio is that it's old, and vibey. Sometimes you gotta bang on the gear a little bit to make it work. It's kinda like the Millennium Falcon. It's badass, but you just gotta get it running right."

`Heavy Shoes' is Cold Stares' best record yet, and they know it. It took a lot of blood, sweat, tears and doubt before Chris Tapp and Brian Mullins reached this moment, but it's all the sweeter knowing they did it their way. "We've been through some tough times, and I'd say our band is a pretty good representation for blue collar people in general. People that work hard. We're just a blue-collar American rock and roll band." `Heavy Shoes' is available August 13th through Mascot Records.


  • 5th studio album, debut release on Mascot Records.
  • 15.8 million+ streams on Spotify, with 179k monthly listeners.
  • 15.5k followers on social media.
  • Their song "Suffer Me" is featured on the soundtrack for the video game, `CyberPunk 2077'. Recent licensing includes Dodge Motor Company, ESPN, NFL, X-Games, TNT Network, and Monster Energy


The Cold Stares - Heavy Shoes [Shiny Gold LP]
$25.18 ON SALE
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Continuing the success from The Baby and The Baby Reimagined, this EP showcases the distinct sides of Samia with each song: a midtempo pop/rock track, a ballad, an atmospheric indie track, and a cover (When In Rome’s “The Promise” with Jelani Aryeh). The release of the EP is also in front of her support dates with Sylvan Esso and headline dates featuring Savannah Conley. 

Samia - Scout EP [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Apple Red Vinyl]
$16.28 ON SALE
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On April 21, 2021 the duo of Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz — who over the past decade have achieved grassroots success as Mandolin Orange, going from coffee shop performers to festival headliners — announced that they are now called Watchhouse.

Says the band in a new statement: "This past year has been the first time we’ve stayed still since we were 21, and the pause gave us the opportunity to sit with ourselves and set intentions. We have long been burdened by the dichotomy between our band name and the music we strive to create—if you’ve heard the songs, you know they are personal. Now that we can see a future where music is a shared experience again, we're defining the space we share with you on a stage or in your headphones, and making it one that welcomes our creativity and anyone who wants to listen."
Watchhouse's self-titled album is the first under their new name, and is co-produced by Josh Kaufman, who has produced records for The National and Bonny Light Horseman, and also played on Taylor Swift’s folklore and evermore. The album represents a seamless reinvention as a band at the regenerative edges of subtly experimental folk-rock. Challenging as they are charming, and an inspired search for personal and political goodness, these nine songs offer welcome lessons about what any of us might become when the night begins to break. The first single "Better Way" pairs their own honest songcraft with bold, otherworldly sonic explorations that signify a new sense of confidence and ambition for the band.
Watchhouse - Watchhouse [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Clear Blue LP]
$19.78 Video ON SALE
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Jade Bird

Different Kinds of Light [2LP]

ON SALE $30.97 Vinyl: $15.48 Buy

Jade bird has returned with second album, different kinds of light, coming august 2021. Translating the 2020's conflicting emotional into sharply observed narrative vignettes, she shows her flair as a storyteller. With the help of grammy- winning producer dave cobb (brandi carlile, john prine, lady gaga), bird let's her sound find it's groove. The defining album joins british influences-the smiths, cocteau twins-with 90s alt-rock-blur, oasis and iggy pop. "that rock element that i've been missing and deeply love," is how jade describes it.
Jade Bird - Different Kinds of Light [2LP]
$15.48 ON SALE
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Jungle’s new album ‘Loving In Stereo’ is the soundtrack for a summer quite unlike any other. The British producer duo have created a huge disco record for the post-social distancing age, with a life-affirming, dancefloor-igniting, sun-kissed celebration of all the things that make music irresistibly joyful.

Both their Mercury Prize-nominated, Gold-certified debut and 2018’s follow-up ‘For Ever’ landed in the UK Top 10 & charted globally. Those two records have since accumulated 750,000 equivalent album sales and close to a billion streams worldwide. Atop that, Jungle have embarked on global sell out tours - notably in the UK, London’s 10k capacity Alexandra Palace & filling the Hollywood Palladium - two coveted Glastonbury performances, slots at numerous International festivals including Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Roskilde, Primavera & enjoyed shows across five continents.

Jungle - Loving In Stereo [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Marble LP]
$26.97 Video
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Acid Dad

Take It From The Dead [LP]

ON SALE $23.97 Vinyl: $17.97 Buy

MP3 Album: $7.99 Download

Acid Dad is an American alternative-rock band composed of singer-guitarists, Vaughn Hunt and Sean Fahey, and drummer, Trevor Mustoe. Vaughn first started recording the band in his Bushwick, NY basement releasing singles “Brain Body” and their first EP “Let’s Plan a Robbery.” Appearing live in the New York City rock scene in 2016, Acid Dad quickly moved to a world stage with their self-titled debut album, released by Greenway Records in 2018.

During 2020, the band spent their time building a new studio space in Queens, NY, while continuing to independently produce all their own music, art and even building their own guitars. With a new space and vision, the band produced their second LP, “Take It From The Dead,” set to be co-released in June 2021 by Brooklyn’s Greenway Records and psych powerhouse LEVITATION’s label, The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

“Take It From The Dead” features an array of different influences ranging from 90’s neo-psych, modern post-punk and 70’s rock-n-roll. Acid Dad has crafted a record that sounds new, yet feels nostalgic. In contrast to their earlier work, they make use of slower tempos and expand their sound to include songs that are both more intricate and more hypnotic. To accompany the new record, the band spent the last year collaborating with video artist Webb Hunt, producing psych and glitch art videos that form a visual counterpart to the dreamy distortions of their sound.

Acid Dad - Take It From The Dead [LP]
$17.97 ON SALE
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Acid Dad is an American alternative-rock band composed of singer-guitarists, Vaughn Hunt and Sean Fahey, and drummer, Trevor Mustoe. Vaughn first started recording the band in his Bushwick, NY basement releasing singles “Brain Body” and their first EP “Let’s Plan a Robbery.” Appearing live in the New York City rock scene in 2016, Acid Dad quickly moved to a world stage with their self-titled debut album, released by Greenway Records in 2018.

During 2020, the band spent their time building a new studio space in Queens, NY, while continuing to independently produce all their own music, art and even building their own guitars. With a new space and vision, the band produced their second LP, “Take It From The Dead,” set to be co-released in June 2021 by Brooklyn’s Greenway Records and psych powerhouse LEVITATION’s label, The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

“Take It From The Dead” features an array of different influences ranging from 90’s neo-psych, modern post-punk and 70’s rock-n-roll. Acid Dad has crafted a record that sounds new, yet feels nostalgic. In contrast to their earlier work, they make use of slower tempos and expand their sound to include songs that are both more intricate and more hypnotic. To accompany the new record, the band spent the last year collaborating with video artist Webb Hunt, producing psych and glitch art videos that form a visual counterpart to the dreamy distortions of their sound.

Acid Dad - Take It From The Dead [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Neon Coral & Yellow LP]
$24.27 ON SALE
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On limited Blue Seaglass Wave Translucent vinyl. Last spring, Devendra Banhart and Noah Georgeson started to make a record that was like nothing they had made before - an ambient album that would be both a haven from a suddenly terrified world and a heartfelt musical dialogue between two men who have been friends and collaborators for over two decades. Refuge is an album of profound meditative beauty which offers the listener a much-needed sense of peace and renewal. But while it was recorded in 2020 it's roots go back much further - all the way to the start of their friendship and, beyond that, to the shared sounds and ethics of their childhoods. "When the pandemic began, we realised we needed to make this record," Devendra says. "But we've been talking about it for so long. It's kind of been 20 years in the making." Devendra and Noah met on the night of Halloween, 1999. Noah lived on Castro Street, the epicentre of San Francisco's Halloween celebrations, so their first encounter was in costume. "He was wearing a skirt and I was dressed as Bjorn Borg," Noah remembers. "I wasn't sure if this was Halloween or just him and it was the same for me. His first impression was that I was a French drug dealer." Having established that he was not, in fact, a French drug dealer, they became fast friends. Noah, whose production and mixing credits include Joanna Newsom and the Strokes, came on board as co-producer of Devendra's 2005 album Cripple Crow and they have been working together ever since. Devendra grew up in Venezuela while Noah, six years older, is a native of Nevada City, California. But as they got to know each other, they realised that they had a similar history in the New Age subculture of the 1980s: a world of meditation, Eastern music, the Bhagavad Gita and The Whole Earth Catalog. Childhood memories were coloured by the aromas of health food stores and the sound of New Age labels like Windham Hill Records. "We recognised that in each other," Devendra says. "Our whole childhoods were spent in health food stores. I have visceral memories of a Windham Hill album playing, the old worn-in wood, the Birkenstocks - all the hippie accoutrements. We wanted to make an album that evoked that nostalgic feeling." Twenty years ago, though, this music was deeply unfashionable. "It wasn't cool for a long time," Noah says. "I went to grad school for music composition. Coming from an academically rigorous world, I rejected this kind of music because it's simple, gestural music. It took me a while to come to a place where I was OK with that. It was not our intention to mimic these records but that New Age world is part of the musical foundation." He also cites the influence of the maverick composers Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison and Pauline Oliveros, whose practice of "Deep Listening" was very influential for this record. Oliveros has described "Deep Listening" as "an aesthetic based upon principles of improvisation, electronic music, ritual, teaching and meditation," and came up with the term after she recorded a piece in a cistern. Refuge's track "In A Cistern" is a direct nod to this. It was while making Devendra's 2019 album Ma that the pair finally decided to make their ambient record. At one point there was a rather expensive plan to travel around capturing "natural sounds of the dying world," but the global lockdown in March 2020 demanded a radical change of strategy. Even though they only live a short drive away from each other in Los Angeles, they were unable to meet, so Devendra and Noah had to record their tracks separately and weave them together remotely. "It feels like the most intimate thing we've done but it's the first time we haven't been in the same studio," Devendra says. "This would be the only record we could possibly make like this." Despite complicating logistics, 2020 created an emotional craving for music with this contemplative, therapeutic quality. "It's been such an uncertain, frightening time," Devendra says. "I was turning more than ever to ambient music, particularly Harold Budd. I met Harold a few years ago and we got to play together. In many ways I made this to share with my favourite ambient composer but unfortunately he passed away from Covid last year. That was heartbreaking." "For us, it's not specifically about the last year but it necessarily became about that in a way because of how we had to make it," Noah says, "and it's probably going to resonate that way." The two men approach a similar mood from very different compositional angles, ranging from weightless synth drones to luminous lattices of woodwind and strings. "Noah's are more composed," Devendra says. "Mine are a bit more ethereal. The ambient music I'm interested in is quite utilitarian. It's kind of like incense: it heightens the mood and the environment. The interplay between my ethereal songs and his very definite, clearly constructed songs is complementary." As the tracks took shape, the duo asked musicians in their circle to record parts remotely: Mary Lattimore on harp, Nicole Lawrence on pedal steel, Tyler Cash on piano, Todd Dahlhoff on bass, Vetiver's Jeremy Harris on synthesizer and additional production, and David Ralicke on brass and woodwind. Devendra, who has been studying Vajrayana Buddhism for the last decade, also invited contributions from spiritual teachers. "I probably wouldn't be able to navigate the world if it wasn't for spiritual practice," he says. "Buddhism is about cultivating compassion, for myself and for others." Meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg ("she's one of the people who introduced the word mindfulness to the west") adds a little guided meditation to "Sky Burial", Venezuelan guru Sri Mataji Shaktiananda appears on "A Cat", and Devendra's own Bhutanese teacher Neten Chokling Rinpoche recites a mantra at the end of "Asura Cave", which features field recordings of Buddhist ceremonies Devendra gathered in Nepal. "'Asura Cave' is supposed to feel like travelling from monastery to monastery," Devendra says. "How do you create the feeling of travel when everyone's stuck at home?" There are stories tucked inside Noah's tracks, too. The exquisite final track "Aran in Repose" is an ode to his wife Erin, while the minimalist opener "Book of Bringhi" was inspired by a surprising discovery in one of his parents' spiritual books. "Bringhi is an insect that takes on the likeness of the insect that consumes it, which I thought was such a wild, beautiful, and interesting concept," he explains. Inspired by both memories of the past and the needs of the present, Refuge is an act of companionship and generosity which gives the listener room to breathe. "We're hoping to create a sense of comfort and coming back to the moment," Devendra says. "It's really important to have a little bit of space between us and our anxieties and impulses. What you do with that space is up to you."
Devendra Banhart & Noah Georgeson - Refuge [Blue Seaglass Wave Translucent LP]
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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. While the wait for Dear Tommy continues, Chromatics are not sitting idle. In 2020 they surprise released Closer to Grey and also dropped digitally an album Faded Now. The 14 song album includes a few remixes of songs from Closer To Grey and plenty of brand new songs to go with it
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Joan Shelley's out of print 2014 album is repackaged here in a deluxe tip-on jacket and pressed on purple vinyl. Electric Ursa was recorded out of the spotlight in Louisville, Kentucky. A quiet, 8 song record which brought her to the national stage, prompting Pitchfork to state that while the album "isn't Shelley's debut, it is her absolute arrival."
Joan Shelley - Electric Ursa (Purple Vinyl) [Colored Vinyl] (Purp)
$19.77 ON SALE
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There has always been a Reggae influence in the music of El Michels Affair. From their cover of "Hung Up On My Baby" done in a Reggae style, to the general sound and approach that permeates Leon's production style. While recording Bailey's 2020 Ekundayo album, they did some straight forward reggae tunes inspired by different eras alongside some modern R&B tracks that would fit more comfortably next to Frank Ocean than Jacob Miller. It is this same notion that old and new can live so comfortably together that birthed the idea of Ekundayo Inversions.Traditional dub came out of reggae in the late 60s and early 70s when pioneers like King Tubby and Lee Perry started taking the multi track recordings of songs and running them back through the board adding effects and additional instrumentation. These recordings are called "dubs" or "versions" and are typically instrumentals with flourishes of vocals from the original tracks. El Michels decided to use the blueprints left behind and make something using the influences of today. He wound up straying so far from the traditional format that it didn't seem right to use the word 'Dub', hence Ekundayo Inversions. All the songs are tied together by WhatsApp messages between Leon and Liam that perfectly narrate the story of this record and their working relationship. One of the highlights of Ekundayo Inversions is a guest appearance from the legendary Lee "Scratch" Perry on the "Ugly Truth" version. L$P switches between singing and talking, proclaiming his powers one minute and playing with the track's title the next. On "Awkward Pt.2" Leon takes one of the most experimental songs from Ekundayo and actually straightens it out. A track that once seemed to be floating in space has now been anchored by the addition of drums and bass. "Faded", a version of "Paper Tiger", is given the full EMA treatment with the addition of emotive horns over an uncomfortably sparse rhythm track peppered with Liam's voice drenched in delay and echo. "Champions" features a verse from Black Thought of The Roots and halfway through, El Michels sends the rhythm section 50 years back.At the end of the day, Ekundayo Inversions is a testament to how strong the original songs are. Whether they're in a R&B style, reggae style, stripped down to their bare bones, or loaded with production, the songs will move you.
El Michels Affair Meets Liam Bailey - Ekundayo Inversions [Clear Red LP]
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The debut album by Joan Shelley pressed on vinyl for the first time. Originally released in 2012 and long-elusive to fans, Ginko is the starting point for Shelley, now revered for her songwriting, "dazzling poetic imagery" (The Guardian) and "radiant sense of calm" (NPR Music). Standout tracks "By The Ohio" and "Siren" show what is to come. Pressed on Sea Green vinyl, packaged in a deluxe tip-on jacket, and limited to 2,000 copies.
Joan Shelley - Ginko (Sea Green Vinyl) [Colored Vinyl] (Grn)
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Group member and songwriter Thomas Gatling says this about the song:"During slavery, songs were a form of communication for black people. These songs became known as hymns, or as our seasoned saints call them, the songs that brought us over. "Fight On" was inspired by a hymn called "Hold On (Just A Little While Longer)", a song used to encourage black people to not give up. Through that song, God gave me "Fight On." It was written to amplify the voices that for so long have fallen on deaf ears and to encourage and uplift people to continue the fight for equality and against white supremacy. Be empowered, my people. We are not thugs, we are innovators. We are intelligent and our feelings, hopes, dreams, and lives matter. Fight on, and everything's gonna be alright.
Harlem Gospel Travelers - Fight On! (Clear Vinyl) [Colored Vinyl] [Clear Vinyl]
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Vinyl LP pressing. Despite the series of radical shifts that underpinned it's creation, Scritti Politti's second album Cupid & Psyche 85 achieved the virtually impossible. While everything was scaled up - the ambition, the sound, the audience - the singular artistic vision that drove the group not only remained intact and undiluted in these bigger surroundings, but became more inventive, more adventurous and, ultimately, more beloved. Introduced to pianist and programmer David Gamson while making of the band's debut album Songs To Remember, Green Gartside realized he had found a creative foil to help him achieve the ambitions he had for Scritti Politti. Partially recorded in New York, with several tracks produced by Arif Mardin and partially in the UK, with Green and Gamson directly overseeing the process, Cupid & Psyche 85 is infused shimmering synths and the heat of classic funk. Yet weaved together by Green's intoxicating melodies, it is also embroidered with ideas from philosophical writings, while taking cues from myths and fables.
Scritti Politti - Cupid & Psyche 85
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Double vinyl LP pressing. Originally released in 1999 and only on CD, never released as an LP. 11 years after the release of previous album Provision, Scritti Politti erupted back into life with 1999"s Anomie & Bonhomie. Recalibrated, re-evaluated, re-imagined and, eventually, rewarded. Anomie & Bonhomie is the heady results of this artistic rebirth. Illuminated by the band's stylish pure pop spotlight, collaborations with Mos Def, Lee Majors and Wendy Melvoin give the record a neon-lit, nocturnal shimmer. Hip hop flourishes sit side-by-side with heart-hitting balladry, as truly touching melodies match moments of uncompromising musical grit with their emotional impact.
Scritti Politti - Anomie & Bonhomie
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“Fallen Torches”, the acclaimed track from Mastodon’s 2020 Medium Rarities compilation, is released as an Indie Exclusive limited-edition shaped picture disc. The B-side features the previously unreleased instrumental version of “Fallen Torches”. This release is certain to become a sought-after collectible by all Mastodon fans.

Mastodon - Fallen Torches [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Vinyl]
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Tori Amos

Under The Pink [2LP]

Vinyl: $35.97 Buy

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

Under The Pink (2LP)(Black Vinyl) - Featuring the unforgettable "Cornflake Girl," Under The Pink entered the UK charts at #1 upon it's 1994 release, and "God" topped the US modern rock charts. This edition has been recut by producer Jon Astley and delivers the original track listing across 2-LP.
Tori Amos - Under The Pink [2LP]
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The United States vs. Billie Holiday (Music from the Motion Picture) (gold-colored vinyl)
Andra Day - The United States Vs. Billie Holiday (Music From the Motion Picture) [Gold LP]
$17.97 ON SALE
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Within A Year Of Her Ground-Breaking Double-Album "Bad Girls", Donna Summer Left Casablanca Records To Become The First Artist Signed To The New Geffen Records Label. Always Ready To Embrace New Sounds And Experiment With Different Musical Genres, Donna Summer's 1991 Album "MISTAKEN IDENTITY", Was Released On Atlantic Records And Produced By Keith Diamond, Who Was Brought In To Inject A More Street Style, Which Was Prevalent At That Time. Keith Diamond Had Produced Highly Successful Singles And Albums For Billy Ocean, Michael Bolton, Mick Jagger, Sheena Easton, Don Johnson And James Ingram; The Latter Having Been Heavily Involved With Donna's 1982 Album 'Donna Summer'. The Album Includes The Singles 'Work That Magic' And 'When Love Cries', As Well As The Tracks 'Cry Of A Waking Heart' And 'Heaven's Just A Whisper Away', Which Showed How Her Amazing Vocals Could Make Very Good Contemporary Songs Sound Great. This Special Edition Revisits The Original Album On 180g Yellow Colour Vinyl.
Donna Summer - Mistaken Identity [Colored Vinyl] [180 Gram] (Ylw) (Uk)
$23.22 ON SALE
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The upcoming film Free Guy stars Ryan Reynolds as Guy, a bank teller who realizes he’s a background character in an open-world video game called Free City, creating a race against time to save the game before developers shut it down. The soundtrack features a compilation of popular tracks from an array of both iconic and modern artists. Orange LP.

Various Artists - Free Guy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Orange LP]
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For the Grateful Dead's second live album, released two years after its predecessor LIVE/DEAD, the band delivered an equally magnificent, but entirely different, Grateful Dead sound. Whereas LIVE/DEAD was a perfect sonic encapsulation of the band at the peak of their Primal Dead era, SKULL & ROSES captures the quintessential quintet, the original five piece band, playing some of their hardest hitting rock 'n' roll (`Johnny B. Goode,' `Not Fade Away'), showing off their authentic Bakersfield bona fides (`Me & My Uncle,' `Mama Tried,' `Me & Bobby McGee'), and some originals that would be important parts of the Dead's live repertoire for the next 24 years (`Bertha,' `Playing In The Band,' `Wharf Rat'). Of course, the Dead were never defined by one specific `sound' and amongst the aforementioned genres and styles the band brought to this album, they also delved deeply into their psychedelic, primal playbook with an entire side dedicated to their 1968 masterpiece `The Other One.' This is one of the most deeply rich and satisfying tracks preserved on an official Grateful Dead album, up there with LIVE/DEAD's `Dark Star' and EUROPE '72's `Morning Dew.' SKULL & ROSES sounds as fresh today as the first time I heard it in 1985, and as fresh as it was upon its spectacularly well-received release in 1971." - David Lemieux

Not only did SKULL & ROSES serve up supremely fine tunes, it was also the one that scored the Grateful Dead their very first Gold record, introduced the world to the iconic skeleton babe Bertha, and asked the questions - Who are you? Where are you? How are you? - giving birth to the first official generation of Dead Heads.

DEAD FREAKS reunite on June 25th for the release of the remastered original album on 180-gram 2LP. We've got exclusive black & white propeller colored vinyl - limited to just 5,000 units. Get it here.

Grateful Dead - Grateful Dead (Skull & Roses) [Live]: 2021 Remaster [2LP]
$43.17 ON SALE
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When Broken Is Easily Fixed, Silverstein’s debut studio album, is a jarring mixture of emo’s earnest determination, elements of hardcore, catchy melodic hooks and even heavy metal. Originally released in 2003 after signing with Victory Records, this album would jumpstart a lengthy career in the Emo music scene – now spanning over 20 years and boasting over 1 million albums sold. The album features the breakout hit “Smashed Into Pieces” and the fan favorite “Giving Up.” 

This release has been newly remastered and is available on 180-gram canary yellow vinyl.

Silverstein - When Broken Is Easily Fixed [Canary Yellow LP]
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The Crew - Deluxe Edition [LP]

ON SALE $31.97 Vinyl: $27.17 Buy

Deluxe edition. 7 Seconds will reissue their 1984 album The Crew. The new version features remastered audio as well as extensive liner notes including an oral history of the band and reflections by Ian MacKaye, Jello Biafra, Keith Morris, Damian Abraham, Brian Baker, Fat Mike, Roger Miret, BYO founders Mark and Sean Stern, and others.
7seconds - The Crew - Deluxe Edition [LP]
$27.17 ON SALE
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Few contemporary artists have had as big an impact on global dance music as Joy Orbison. Whether through his own game-changing releases such as his breakthrough hit “Hyph Mongo”, his own GTA radio station “Still Slipping Los Santos” or 2019’s Slipping EP, collaborations with the likes of Mansur Brown, Overmono and cutting edge Japanese clothing label Cav Empt, a BBC Radio 1 residency and live appearances that span the most credible underground nights to festival headline slots around the world, the name Joy Orbison has been a constant byword for understated, uncompromising quality.

Defying categorisation at every stage of his career, Joy Orbison is more relevant and in-demand than ever. This year he teams up with XL Recordings to release his highly anticipated debut long-form project: a fourteen track mixtape titled still slipping vol. 1. A deeply personal project featuring close family members alongside a roll call of perfectly curated musical collaborators, it’s Joy Orbison’s most ambitious project to date and is set to be one of 2021’s defining releases.

Joy Orbison - still slipping vol. 1 [LP]
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Supersister was a Dutch progressive rock band and featured Robert Jan Stips (vocals/electric piano), Sacha van Geest (flute), Marco Vrolijk (drums) and Ron van Eck (bass). When Supersister first came out in 1970 they were quickly seen as one of Holland's most creative and unique bands, both amongst their fans and peers. Their original first five albums were inspired by the likes of Soft Machine, Caravan and Frank Zappa. Soft Machine's Dean Elton was even part of the band line-up in 1974. In 1970 their debut album Present From Nancy was released, which got picked up and played by British BBC dj John Peel in his influential BBC radio show. The band broke up in 1974 and reunited in it's original line up in 2000 at the request of the Progrock Festival in Los Angeles.Fans from all over the world flew to LA to see the band play live one more time. More shows were planned after this, but after only a handful of gigs band member Sasha died unexpectedly in 2001, again bringing an end to the Supersister story. In 2010 the 3 surviving members play a TV gig which makes them consider more shows yet again. And yet again, these plans are cut short when Ron van Eck passes in 2011.A TV documentary about the band's master mind Robert Jan Stips brings the remains of Supersister back together in 2019. With help from their friends Rinus Gerritsen and Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring), Henk Hofstede and Rob Kloet (Nits) and others they start writing and recording new songs, which leads to the Supersister Projekt album Repus Retsis (Supersister written backwards) and a new tour. This brand new 2LP compilation, features songs from the original 5 albums plus the 2019 album and was compiled especially for Record Store Day by the band's leader Robert Jan Stips. The artwork has been created especially for this RSD release. The Sound Of Music (1970 - 2020 The First 50 Years), is available as a limited edition of 1500 numbered copies on crystal clear (LP1) and transparent yellow (LP2) colored vinyl.
Supersister - Sound Of Music: The First 50 Years: 1970-2020
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The 1973 Naakt Over de Schutting (Naked Over The Fence) movie featuring Dutch actors, Rijk de Gooyer, Jon Bluming, Sylvia Kristel, Ko Van Dijk amongst others, was loosely based on a book written by Rinus Ferdinandusse. Described as a 'Sriller' (Sarcastic thriller) this obscure B-movie was directed by Frans Weisz, features a silly plot, a comic karate fight and a not-so spectacular tram chase all the way to Artis Zoo, Amsterdam.But unlike the movie, the soundtrack composed by Ruud Bos is fantastic, it features 16 tracks in a blend of jazz-funk, easy-listening, soul-jazz and vocal pop-rock. One of the best Dutch composers for soundtracks, Ruud Bos wrote, arranged and composed stunning tracks for this very sought-after album. Standout tracks 'Get It Now', 'Model Session', and especially 'Naked Plus' with tight drumming, piano-chords & walking bass, are great examples of the sexploitation, jazz-funk and breaks style, and are sampled and used by many hip hop artists. There is only one cringe oddity here and that is the single 'Hey, A Letter Came Today' sung by Sylvia Kristel, who became famous playing Emmanuelle in the soft porn film Emmanuelle, which is one of the most successful French films ever produced. Original copies of the album rarely come up for sale, and if so, fetch high prices. Therefore, this timely reissue of 'Naakt Over de Schutting (Naked Over The Fence)' comes at a right time. Do not be put off by the weird Dutch title, this is sophisticated funk!The 'Naakt Over de Schutting (Naked Over The Fence)' soundtrack comes in original replica sleeve artwork. This is available as a limited edition of 500 individually numbered copies on white vinyl for the first time ever.
Ruud Bos (Colv) (Ltd) (Ogv) (Wht) (Iex) - Naakt Over De Schutting / O.S.T. [Colored Vinyl] [Limited Edition]
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Lucinda Chua


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Lucinda is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger and singer-songwriter based in South London with British, Malaysian and ancient Chinese heritage. She predominantly uses her voice, cello, effects and piano to write stunning pop ambient songs. Her debut EP Antidotes 1 was self-released in 2019, and was critically acclaimed by the likes of Pitchfork, Dazed and The Guardian. If Antidotes 1 was Lucinda building the landscape and scenery for her music, Antidotes 2 is her living within it. As the title suggests Antidotes is a safe haven; a place to heal and inclusive to all.
Lucinda Chua - Antidotes
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Nadja is a duo of multi-instrumentalist Aidan Baker and bassist Leah Buckareff - active since 2005 - and making music which can be described as ambient doom, dreamsludge, or metalgaze. Nadja's signature sound combines the atmospheric textures of shoegaze and ambient/electronic music with the heaviness, density, and volume of metal, noise, and industrial. For their new album, Luminous Rot, the duo retain their overblown/ambient sound, and explore shorter and more tightly structured songs reflecting their interests not only in metal, but post-punk, cold-wave, shoegaze, and industrial. Thematically, Luminous Rot explores ideas of 'first contact' and the difficulties of recognizing alien intelligence. This was in part inspired by reading such writers as Stanislaw Lem and Cixin Lui - in particular, theories on astro-physics, multi-dimensionality, and spatial geometry in "The Three Body Problem" - as well as Margaret Wertheim's "A Field Guide To Hyperbolic Space," about mathematician Daina Taimina's work with crochet to illustrate hyperbolic space and geometry.
Nadja - Luminous Rot (Aus)
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Joan Armatrading

Consequences [LP]

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Joan Armatrading / Consequences - Her 22nd studio album - UK singer-songwriter veteran Joan Armatrading is releasing her 22nd studio album this summer. VThe record label describes Armatrading's new album in a press release as an "intrinsically intimate" look at "love in it's many guises," something we hear in the invigorating-yet-vulnerable single "Already There. " The song travels to a punchy synthesizer pulse, and in soaring atmospheric locals, Armatrading reflects on losing oneself in a moment of pure affection, and falling into another person's arms.
Joan Armatrading - Consequences [LP]
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The incredible 13th studio album from one of the most most influential experimental rock bands of the post-punk era, the surrealistic proto-industrialists Chrome!Still helmed by long-time Chrome guitarist and mastermind Helios Creed, this line-up welcomes back Hilary "Stench" Hanes who was Chrome's bass player for the band's classic '80s albums (Blood On The Moon, 3rd From The Sun, etc.) as well as familiar faces Tommy L. Cyborg, Aleph Omega, and Lou Minatti XIII!With a Stench brother back in the fold, Chrome have crafted a fiercly driven album that propels the listener forward through sonically twisted guitar noise and cascading synths for one of the most compelling recordings of the band's storied career!Available on CD in a deluxe digipak and limited edition SILVER vinyl with printed inner sleeve!
Chrome - Scaropy
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Triple vinyl LP pressing includes etched D side.. Genre-defying, Nashville-based quintet Rainbow Kitten Surprise have announced their first official live album, RKS! Live From Athens Georgia. The 25-song collection was recorded during a two-night stand at The Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA, on the band's 2019 sold out North American tour.
Rainbow Kitten Surprise - RKS! Live From Athens Georgia [3LP]
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Louisville, KY's Bendigo Fletcher have announced they will release their debut studio album Fits of Laughter on Elektra Records. On Fits of Laughter, frontman Ryan Anderson crafts the patchwork poetry of his lyrics by serenely observing the world around him. When matched with the band's gorgeously jangly collision of country and folk-rock and dreamy psychedelia, the result is story-songs graced with raw humanity, wildly offbeat humor, and a transcendent sense of wonder. For help in forging the album's ragged elegance, Bendigo Fletcher worked with producer Ken Coomer (original drummer for Wilco and Uncle Tupelo), laying down the album in nine frenetic days. The album bears an undeniable immediacy, thanks in part to the band's decision to limit the tracklist to eight essential songs (a move largely inspired by extraordinarily lean and iconic albums like Television's Marquee Moon).
Bendigo Fletcher - Fits Of Laughter [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Violet LP]
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