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Death Waltz Recording Company & Mondo are proud to present the mind-melting score to Umberto Lenzi's 1980 contaminated zombie film, Incubo Sulla Citta Contaminata (a.k.a. Nightmare City)! Composed and conducted by Stelvio Cipriani, the record you are holding in your hands is another stellar work by the late Italian maestro. Pursued by the most ambitious, well-armed, and over/radioactive mutant zombies on film, the film's protagonist, American news reporter Dean Miller (portrayed by Mexploitation star Hugo Stiglitz), makes it his mission to alert the public about the impending doom, but the powers that be are preventing him from doing so. Utilizing driving baselines, drums, percussion, and topped with a layer of intense keys, Cipriani delivers the perfect score to complement the mayhem unfolding on screen. Will our hero save humanity? Well, with maestro Cipriani at the helm, it doesn't matter - the soundtrack sounds quite radiating.
Stelvio Cipriani - Nightmare City / O.S.T. (Neon Green Vinyl) [Colored Vinyl]
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kick iiii [LP]

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If KiCk i is a multidimensional self-portrait that held all of Arca's many mutations, KICK ii sees her deconstruct reggaeton rhythms she grew up listening to in Caracas, balancing structure and chaos to create her most accessible work yet, without sacrificing any of her uncompromising experimentation; the rising cycle. KicK iii sees her returning to the club nights that shaped her early adult-hood where Arca was born: the surrealist DJ, warping dance music structures to fit her singular vision-relentless rhythms to drive listeners into uncharted states of euphoria, anthems for the basement-dark queer clubs of our cyberpunk near-future; the climax of the cycle. With kick iiii, the cycle resolves, and a new species of xenopop emerges, sensual and serene. Arca's talents as a composer and sound designer take the lead on closing track "Paw," setting melodies to drift on deep, gentle waves of orchestral ambience, an oceanic bliss. On kiCK iiiii the ambient ecstasy transitions swiftly into lullaby-like compositions as we come to the conclusion of the KICK series; the renewal stage.

Arca - kick iiii [LP]
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Miranda Lambert

Palomino [2LP]

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Hot on the heels of her recent 2022 Academy of Country Music Awards win for Entertainer of the Year, Miranda Lambert is set to release "Palomino," her ninth solo album, on April 29, 2022.

During a recent interview with Billboard, Lambert gave an update on the progress of her much-anticipated upcoming album, which was mostly penned at her Tennessee farm.

Lambert -- who is now the most-awarded artist in ACM history -- has already released the Jesse Frasure co-written single "If I Was A Cowboy" and the just-premiered, low-key, 70s rock-tinged "Strange" (featuring Dick and Hemby as writers) from the new project. "Palomino"'s other reported influences include acts like Little Feat, Bruce Hornsby, the Range and Emmylou Harris.

The album includes a cover of Mick Jagger's 1993 solo album title single "Wandering Spirit," plus an album track entitled "Music City Queen," which features backing vocals from pop icons the B-52s.

Her first single off the project, "If I Was A Cowboy," is just a "sneak peek" for what's on the horizon for Lambert. "I've got some stuff coming out that is from a really creative time," she said.


Miranda Lambert - Palomino [2LP]
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Sam Amidon

Sam Amidon [Import LP]

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The album, which Amidon considersthe fullest realization to date of his artistic vision, comprises arrangements of nine mostly traditional folk songs, performed by Amidon and his band of longtime friends and collaborators. Amidon produced the record, applying the sonic experiences of his 2017 The Following Mountan, into these beloved tunes, many of which he first learned as a child."Pretty Polly, "for example, was one of the first traditional tunes he learned to play, and "Time Has Made a Change" is a song that his parents-singers who were on the 1977 Nonesuch recording Rivers of Delight with the Word of Mouth Chorus-sang around the house when he was young.
Sam Amidon - Sam Amidon [Import LP]
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Eventually, there comes a time when the hype about a band becomes superfluous and their status alone speaks volumes. Such is the case with Emperor, the black metal gods from Telemark, Norway. Emperor has become known as one of the originators of symphonic Black Metal that Norway is renowned for. Remastered LP recut at half-speed at Abbey Road and pressed on Black/Red Swirl vinyl with fully-restored artwork.

Emperor - Emperor [Black/Red Swirl LP] [Half-Speed]
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