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Landscape A Go-Go (The Story Of Landscape 1977-83) [CD Boxset]
Artist: Landscape
Format: CD
New: Unavailable to be purchased or ordered at this time

Formats and Editions


1. Japan
2. Lost In The Small Ads
3. The Mechanical Bride
4. Neddy Sindrum
5. Kaptin Whorlix
6. Sonja Henie
7. Many’s The Time
8. Highly Suspicious
9. Gotham City
10. Wandsworth Plain
11. Caterpillar Tracks (Live in Norwich)
12. The High Window (Live in Norwich)
13. Kaptin Whorlix (Live in Norwich)
14. The Mechanical Bride (Live in Norwich)
15. Highly Suspicious (Live in Norwich)
16. Stranger (Live in London)


1. European Man
2. Shake The West Awake
3. Computer Person
4. Alpine Tragedy
5. Sisters
6. Face Of The 80s
7. New Religion
8. Einstein A Go-Go
9. Norman Bates
10. The Doll's House
11. From The Tea-Rooms Of Mars…a) Beguine
12. From The Tea-Rooms Of Mars…b) Mambo
13. From The Tea-Rooms Of Mars…c) Tango
14. When The Chips are Down
15. European Man (7-inch)
16. Norman Bates (7-inch with narration)
17. Electro New Religion
18. European Man (12-inch)
19. Einstein a Go-Go (12-inch)
20. Norman Bates (12-inch without narration)


1. One Rule for the Rich
2. Manhattan Boogie-Woogie
3. Colour Code
4. The Long Way Home
5. It’s Not My Real Name
6. Bad Times
7. When You Leave Your Lover (US Mix, w/ Acoustic Drums
8. It’s Not My Real Name 12-inch A Side (Original UK mix)
9. Back On Your Heads (7-inch B Side)
10. A Case Of Mistaken Identity (7-inch B Side)
11. Manhattan Boogie-Woogie (Instrumental mix)
12. The Long Way Home (Instrumental mix)
13. Bad Times (‘Good Times’ instrumental mix)
14. One Rule for the Rich (Instrumental)


2. Don’t Gimme No Rebop
3. Sixteen
4. Workers’ Playtime
5. Nearly Normal
6. Too Many Questions (Don’t Ask Me Why)
7. The Camera Never Lies
8. Bagel Street Blues
9. Sleazy Feet
10. Eugenie
11. Watt is Knott
12. Goldilox and the Jelly Bean Shuffle
13. Tribute
14. So Good, So Pure, So Kind (7-inch)
15. The Fabulous Neutrinos (7-inch)
16. You Know How To Hurt Me (7-inch)
17. Feel So Right (7-inch)
18. (I’d Love To) Fly Away (7-inch)


1. Einstein a Go-Go (Einstein on the floor, 2023 remix)
2. One Rule for the Rich (UK cassette album mix)
3. Japan Extended Mix (B-Side to Einstein 12-inch)
4. It’s Not My Real Name (UK 7-inch mix)
5. Colour Code (UK cassette album mix)
6. When You Leave Your Lover (UK Cassette album mix w/ Electronic Drums)
7. (A Case of) Mistaken Identity (Extended ‘Real Name’ 12-inch B-Side
8. Back on Your Heads (Extended 12-inch)
9. (I’d Love to) Fly Away (12-inch version – unreleased)
10. So Good, So Pure, So Kind (12-inch version)
11. You Know How To Hurt Me (12-inch version)
12. The Fabulous Neutrinos (12-inch version)
13. Feel So Right (12-inch version)
14. Norman Bates (short version without narration, 12-inch)
15. It’s Not My Real Name (UK cassette album mix, incl. electric trombone solo)
16. Einstein a Go-Go 7-inch (UK radio mix – AKA ‘no-phones intro)



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