Dazzling Display: Deluxe
Artist: Steve Wynn
Format: CD
New: Unavailable to be purchased or ordered at this time

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1. Drag
2. Tuesday
3. When She Comes Around
4. A Dazzling Display
5. Halo
6. Dandy In Disguise
7. Grace
8. As It Should Be
9. Bonnie & Clyde
10. 405
11. Close Your Eyes
12. Light of Hope
13. Kool Thing (Recorded at "The Melkweg" for Radio VPRO, Amsterdam)
14. Boy In The Bubble (Recorded at Radio Veronique, Hilversum, Holland)
15. Conspiracy Of The Heart (Recorded at the Mary Costello Show for Radio GLR, London)
16. Watching The River Flow (Live Radio Session) [Bonus Track]
17. Crazy Feeling (Recorded at KCRW)
18. The Long Goodbye (Live at the 9:30 Club)