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Title Artist Release Date Label Format Price
Live Leftover Salmon 2002-05-07 COMP CD $8.00 BUY
Collection Of Past Remains Dead Sun 1970-01-01 Misc $8.00 BUY
Immutable Meshuggah 1970-01-01 Misc $8.00 BUY
Collection Uriah Heep 1970-01-01 CD $8.00 BUY
New Traditionalists Devo 2005-02-22 CCL CD $6.00 BUY
Good Morning Revival Good Charlotte 2007-03-27 EPIC CD $3.00 BUY
America's Least Wanted Ugly Kid Joe 1994-06-14 FONTANA ISLAND CD $3.00 BUY
Memory Almost Full Paul McCartney 2007-11-06 HEAR CD $5.00 BUY
Live Record The Charlie Daniels Band 2001-10-09 BLHT CD $8.99 BUY
Yeah! Def Leppard 2006-05-23 MRY CD $5.00 BUY
Fess: The Professor Longhair Anthology Professor Longhair 1993-11-23 Rhino CD $14.00 BUY
Tripping the Live Fantastic Paul McCartney 1990-11-06 Capitol/EMI Records CD $9.00 BUY
Live Around The World Miles Davis 1996-05-14 WARNER BROS / WEA CD $6.00 BUY
Flowers in the Dirt Paul McCartney 1989-06-06 Capitol/EMI Records CD $5.00 BUY
Hughes / Thrall (Bonus Tracks) Hughes / Thrall 1970-01-01 Misc $6.00 BUY
Rock in a Hard Place Santana 1993-09-07 SONY CD $3.00 BUY
Night in the Ruts Aerosmith 1993-09-07 Columbia (USA) CD $5.00 BUY
Magic & Loss [Import] Lou Reed 1992-01-14 WARNER BROS MOD AFW CD $5.00 BUY
22 Great Hits Mills Brothers 1991-07-01 RAN CD $3.00 BUY
School Days Stanley Clarke 1987-07-07 Pid CD $6.00 BUY
I Do Not Want What I Haven't G Sinead O'Connor 1970-01-01 Misc $3.00 BUY
Brother's Keeper Neville Brothers 1970-01-01 Misc $5.00 BUY
Man & His Music Sam Cooke 1970-01-01 Misc $6.00 BUY
My Baby Don't Tolerate Lyle Lovett 2003-09-30 Umgd/Lost Highway CD $5.00 BUY
The Subdudes Subdudes 1996-06-18 HIGH STREET RECORDS Digital $3.00 BUY
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (Score) (Original Soundtrack) Spirit Stallion Of The Cimarron Score / OST 2002-05-14 AM CD $3.00 BUY
Heartland: An Appalachian Anthology / Various Edgar Meyer 2001-07-03 SNY CD $5.00 BUY
Faithless Street Whiskeytown 1998-09-29 OTP CD $8.00 BUY
Shake Hands With Shorty North Mississippi Allstars 2000-05-09 Tone Cool CD $7.00 BUY
Live on Planet Earth Neville Brothers 1994-04-19 A&M (USA) CD $6.00 BUY

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